Dragonslayer (Demo)

by Archangel

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Inspired by whimsical visions of the epic battle between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, Archangel is d.i.y. punk/doom rock created in a dark and dingy old basement. I made this music mostly to amuse myself. If other people dig it, that's cool too. Thanks for checking it out! All glory and honor to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All songs written, performed, recorded, and not very produced by Ben Hergert.


released January 1, 2008

Ben Hergert



all rights reserved


Archangel Waukesha, Wisconsin

I do not consider myself a musician. I am a music lover who had a vision for this album, so I went and bought some used instruments and gear and threw this project together. I now spend my free time on other creative projects and disc golfing.

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Track Name: War in Heaven
Track Name: Dragonslayer I - Battle Hymn of St. Michael
Lightning flashing, thunder crashing.
Angels flying, demons dying.
Swords slashing, blood splashing.
Judgement calling, Satan falling.
Dragonslayer - destroy the enemy.
Cast him down; into the lake of fire.
Track Name: Adversary
Track Name: Dragonslayer II - The Ballad of St. George
Evil in the sky.
All those who look up will die.
The dragon has taken flight.
I take up the sword.
The time has come to go forth,
and face the evil lord.
Sword of steel in my hand,
evil blood drips from it's blade.
The Earth is stained with dragon's blood.
Sword and Shield,
Fire and Scales,
Light and Darkness,
I must prevail.
Track Name: Lament
Track Name: Sword & Shield
Thou, oh Lord, art a shield for me,
my glory and the lifter of my head.
Thy Word, oh Lord, is a sword for me,
my weapon of Spiritual Warfare.
Track Name: As Bold as Lions
We are as bold as lions
with hearts filled with Holy Fire
without fear, we fight against
the Devil and the darkness

Knights of the Kingdom of Heaven
fighting a Holy War
armed with the Sword of the Spirit
clothed with the Armor of God
Track Name: The Pilgrim's Progress
Track Name: Victory Over Tyranny
It's the snake that's in the eagle's claws.
It's the stone that's in Goliath's skull.
It's St. George's sword in the dragon's heart.
It's the Light that overcomes the dark.
It's the Union man taking a stand.
It's mercy and grace for the fallen man.
It's the battered wife who's had enough.
It's that drunken coward dragged off in cuffs.
It's the desperate man with nothing to lose.
It's the tyrant hanging from the noose.
It's the Blood that was shed to set us free.
It's justice coming on the Final Day.
It's Victory Over Tyranny.
Fight the fight to set the captives free.
It's Victory Over Tyranny.
Track Name: Shine
Track Name: Dark Knight